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28-Sep-2019 15:33

The Torah provides us with two insights: First, in Genesis , when the Jews move down to Egypt, Jacob sent Judah ahead of everyone in order to make advance arrangements.

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10-Feb-2020 21:52

“It’s easier for people to think of them as delinquents and prostitutes rather than enslaved, trafficked, human beings.” So who are the victims of sex trafficking in Massachusetts?

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21-Sep-2019 17:22

Couldn’t you ‘experiment’ with one person for a few dates, see how it goes, and then move on? Do the people who you are dating know that you’re potentially wasting their time? As people no matter what they tell you, don’t always date for the same reasons, dating someone and getting to know them will let you determine through their actions and interactions (not just words and your imagination) whether you are two people on the same page with similar primary values.

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